Saturday, February 02, 2013

Next project - Good stuff Day 1

Ok, next project - notice something(s) good about each day.  Hopefully this will help me relax more and be less tense about things.

1.  I am not sick with bronchitis and an apthous ulcer anymore (was sick most of the week).  I am enjoying that I am not coughing and not having pain in my mouth whenever I eat or talk. 
2.  My kids are happy getting ready to go to the park with a friend.
3.  The sky is blue and the sun is shining.
4.  I get to spend some free time with my dh...nothing planned at all!

Project completed

Well, its February and I've completed my shopping experiment.  I wasn't perfect but I did think about each purchase I made carefully and my credit card bill was so much better this time.  So my hope is that this had helped me become more aware of what my shopping habits are and to think about what I am buying.  As far as the giving, will keep working on that and I have a couple more bags of stuff for my friends/ goodwill.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 25 - Boxes on my doorstep

Packages arrived via UPs on my doorstep yesterday and today - was it fun stuff?  Well, one was a iron to replace the one I bought 14 months ago (1 year warranty was not help there).  Another was a the clothing I bought for my girls - some for now and some for next year.  Do they really need that many shirts?  Yes, somehow they older one is quite petite and delicate looking but is very hard on her clothing (gnaws on the sleeves as a bad nervous habit). 

DH asked me how my shopping diet was going and I answered in a crazy, crabby way - why do you ask, did you buy something?  Well, he said, yes, I did.  We each have separate accounts and a joint account and the understanding that half his check goes in the joint and the other is his to do with want he wants, no questions asked.  I kind of do that but I get paid monthly so I usually dump it all into the joint and then spend what I want.   But I have mostly linked internet shopping to my other account...the one for the crazy impulse purchases. So, like food diets, this one has made me a little crazy but at the same time as made me stop to think if I really need to buy it or it is just some kind of bad habit.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 22 - Traveling

Just got back from a weekend out of town that was 1/2 business and 1/2 family.  In the olden days, I used to use being out of town as a excuse to hit the malls and shopped til I dropped because the town I live in didn't have as many awesome stores as the big city. 

This trip was pretty short and I didn't have anything on my shopping list other than a grocery item that is hard to get where I live.  It turns out I didn't have to shop to get that as my generous parents had just bought a bunch and gave me 1 package, no wait, my dad stuffed 2 into my bag.  And of course my mom thought the jacket I brought was too light so she gave me a coat she had bought recently that was "too big" for her.  Well, she did buy it too big and it fit me just right. 

I did buy things for my kids as they stayed home and managed to get something that was practical and 75% clearance. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 18 - Catalogs

Got a shiny new Garnet H catalog in the mail today and I gave into temptation and looked thru it.  Yes, I want everything on every page...from the shoes to the shirts to the funny jewelry.  I did not order.  I will maybe choose something to put on a wish list. 

I looked thru my amazon wish list today and deleted the stuff on it.  Why did I really want those things a few days ago?

I did shop a bit more for the kids as my 7 year old needed a lot of help getting one of her shirts off tonight to take a bath....way too small and tight. They grow so fast! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 15 - I shop

Well, I shopped.  Online.  BUT not for myself!

I loaded up on clearance items for my older daughter's fall/ winter wardrobe for next year.  $100 for 13 items...hopefully that can pass on to lil sis as they are good quality.

I might could have waited a bit longer to see if the prices dropped more, but I decided it was time.

That's my story. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 13 - coupons

Clipped some coupons today of some staples (eggs, tortilla chips) and fun stuff (cookies, strawberries) and went shopping with my daughter afterschool.  She enjoyed looking thru my coupons and telling me what to get next. 

I started some savings account at Smarty Pig (thanks QSM).  I have always saved but not for something specific.  Like I would say, hey we need a new car, but have some nebulous idea of taking a loan, selling my old car, etc to somehow have enough money.  This way, I have a sum of money for something specific and can see where its going.  I don't think I really realized how much we spent on things and how much things have risen in price (without my income doing so!).  I have been very fortunate that I have been able to save over the years and have some cushion  But honestly I don't really know if its really enough or if I am dipping into it too much.

I did slip last night a looked at a bunch of things on the internet, but I didn't buy anything.  I put some things on a wish list for my anniversary present and as we have a trip planned (and already bought) it's just something small.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Day 10 - shopping lists

Made a purchase of some books I need for for today and I even debated about if I really, really needed them even though I have an expense account for those kind of things.  And, yes, I really, really need them to do my job.  My patients have been talking a lot about cutting out food, caffiene, etc in their New Year's Resolutions and how that has affected them.  And inside my head, I could relate to their yearning to do something good, to be better. 

I took Loulou to the market with me today afterschool and she actually has good shopping habits now.  She had a list from school of supplies she needed and she stuck to the list.  I did let her pick out some treats in the cookie aisle to refill our snack area in the pantry.  And she got to pick out what we had for dinner.  It was her idea to make a list (handy notebook and pen in my purse) and we followed it and she was satisfied.  I should aspire to be as she is.